OGFA currently focuses on establishing logistical and programmatic support to promote student exchanges between North America and Japan; facilitate faculty and staff exchanges; encourage cultural and artistic exchanges; establish networks for mutual dialogues on global issues; implement opportunities for social action projects, internships, and experiential learning; and create a network of university alumni in North America. OGFA also expects to expand programming to support other Pacific Rim educational institutions.

Long-Term Reconnaissance Japan (RJ) 長期

Reconnaissance Japan (RJ) provides opportunities for students to study intensive Japanese as well as academic content courses taught in English or Chinese while living in Japan. What makes RJ unique is the degree of integration between the international students and the local Japanese students — in groups, in class, in extracurricular activities, in the residence halls, in the academic content classes, and in community outreach projects. RJ celebrates its 28th year in 2019.


Application for OGFA Scholarship for Study Aboard - Google Form

Teacher Recommendation Form

OGFA offers merit/need based scholarships toward tuition for students studying at JFOU or at one of JFOU's partner universities. Students interested in a scholarship need to fill out the application form (link above) and submit two recommendations as well as financial documentation. The deadlines for submitting the scholarship application documentation for each semester are below. 

Spring Programs: October 15
Summer Program: April 1
Fall Programs: May 15


Program content is focused on Japanese language, culture and liberal arts. Outreach programs vary each semester. Programs are 5 months. Classes are taken for credit which can be transferred.

Program Location:

J. F. Oberlin University main campus in Machida, a suburb of Tokyo. Link to university web site obirin.ac.jp

Program Dates:

April to August; September to January. Students who need to return to their home institution for classes in January can petition to take exams early and return home at the end of December if their class attendance is almost perfect.


Most students are housed in the International Residence Hall. 


Program Fees:

Fall Semester (September-January) ¥430,000
Spring Semester (April-August) ¥430,000

Orientation Fee: ¥10,000

*Students on direct exchange: program fees are waived.

*Fee paying students from partner universities may apply for an OGFA scholarship. Awards are based on need and merit. 


Fuchinobe International House (for Japanese and International Students): 

Studio Rent: ¥55,000/month
One-time fees: ¥33,200
Refundable Deposit: ¥55,000
Free shuttle bus
No meals – budget ¥30,500 -¥50,000 per month
Cable Internet connection included

Other Expenses:

National Health Insurance: ¥17,000/year (covers approximately 70% of most medical and dental expenses incurred in Japan)

Student Services Fee: ¥20,000

Who can Apply:

Students in good standing at their home institution with a minimum GPA of 2.8. Preference is given to students from partner universities.

How to Apply:

Study Abroad Advisor nominates students. (Links go live on open date)

Spring Online Nomination Form opens August 31
Fall Online Nomination Form opens February 28

Student fills out online application. (Links go live on open date)

Spring Online Application Form opens August 31
Fall Online Application Form opens February 28

Application Deadlines:

May 1 for fall semester, November 1 for spring semester






4月から8月(春学期)、9月から1月(秋学期) 在籍大学の1月からの授業に間に合うように帰国する必要がある場合、早期に試験を受け、12月末に帰国できるよう申請することが可能です。(プログラムでの授業の出席率が優秀な学生に限る。)










淵野辺国際学生寮 (日本人学生及び海外留学生寮)

スタジオ(ワンルーム:月 ¥55,000


国民健康保険:年間 ¥17,000(日本滞在中に発生する、医療及び、歯科治療費のおおよそ7割が補償されます。)



在籍大学で優秀な成績を収め、GPA2.8 以上を保持していること。提携大学からの学生を優先に受け入れています。


在籍校のスタディーアブロードアドバイザーからの推薦を受け、オンライン申請書を記入してください。(Link goes live on open date)


学生用オンライン申請書 (Link goes live on open date)




International students enjoy a cultural event.

International students enjoy a cultural event.

Aerial view of Tokyo Tower in city against sky on sunny day, Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Marc Volk.

Aerial view of Tokyo Tower in city against sky on sunny day, Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Marc Volk.


Participant Reflection:

“I think J. F. Oberlin is a great school. Everyone is really positive and nice, and I feel like there are a lot of opportunities to meet new people here. The staff at school is really helpful and especially the folks in the Office of International Programs think more about us than in most ryugakusei programs I’ve heard about in Japan. They organize trips, matsuri and more. They just generally help us with everything we need.”

“The dorms are awesome and fun once you meet people. Meimeikan is the place to be to find and talk to new people at school. I would recommend joining a club to make friends, too. I joined the Judo Club because it is a lot of fun and a way to practice my Japanese. Other friends joined the Tea Ceremony Club, the Hip-Hop Dance Club, the Photography Club . . . . there are so many clubs to choose to hang out with the local students.”