Summer Session サマーセッション

The Summer Session provides an opportunity for international students to have the choice to study any two of the six classes in Japanese language, culture, or business during a 4-week summer session. International students and local Japanese students learn together— in class, in extracurricular activities, in the residence halls, and in academic content classes (taught in English).



Application for OGFA Scholarship for Study Aboard - Google Form

Teacher Recommendation Form

OGFA offers merit/need based scholarships toward tuition for students studying at JFOU or at one of JFOU's partner universities. Students interested in a scholarship need to fill out the application form (link above) and submit two recommendations as well as financial documentation. The deadlines for submitting the scholarship application documentation for each semester are below. 

Spring Programs: October 15
Summer Program: April 1
Fall Programs: May 15


During the summer, J. F. Oberlin University opens its doors even wider to the world: 

The Summer Session at J. F. Oberlin University is a four-week intensive program in the suburbs of Tokyo. Courses offered in 2019 will be two business, two culture, and two Japanese language courses, all of which are developed from courses that are already part of JFOU`s regular curriculum. Each course allows participants to have first-hand experience through not only theoretical study, but also field trips and lectures by guest professionals. Upon completion of each course, participants will be issued an official transcript from J. F. Oberlin University (2 credits/course. 2 credits = 100 hours). 

Program Location:

J. F. Oberlin University main campus in Machida, a suburb of Tokyo. Link to university web site

Program Dates 2019:

Depart US: June 30   Arrive Japan: July 1
Depart Japan: July 27*  Arrive US: July 28

*Student must vacate dorms by July 27.

Housing AND MEALS:

Students will be housed in J.F. Oberlin’s residence halls. A free shuttle bus provides transportation to the main campus. Students are responsible for their own meals. Pointers on how to eat less expensively in Japan will be covered during orientation. Students should be able to manage comfortably on about ¥75,000 for meals, incidentals, and fun for the four weeks.


Program fee: ¥340,000 for partner institutions; ¥360,000 for non-partner institutions. This fee includes:

Two courses, Housing, Airport pick-up, field trip & culture programs, domestic health insurance.

Meals, international airfare, insurance, personal travel, incidentals not included.

Invoices in dollars will be sent from Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America in Washington State in May.

Who can Apply:

Students who have been nominated by their home institutions’ study abroad office or through special arrangements with OGFA. 

How to Apply:

The on-line application will be available from January 15 until April 15.


If you have questions, please send an email to Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America.

Application Deadline:

April 15, 2019



桜美林大学サマーセッションは、東京郊外のキャンパスで行われる4週間の短期集中プログラムです。2019年のプログラムでは、ビジネス(2コース)、文化(2コース)、日本語(2コース)計6つのコースが開講されます。いづれのコースも既に開講されている大学正規のコースから構築されたものです。それぞれのコースにおいて、参加者は 理論を学ぶと共に、フィールドトリップや専門家を招いた講義を受けることにより実地に戻づく経験を得ることができます。各コース終了後には、桜美林大学から正式な成績表が発行されます。(各コース2単位=90時間) 




2019年6月30日(米国出発/日本着:7月 1日)から7月30日(日本出発、米国到着)





プログラム費: 提携校  ¥340,000 提携校外 ¥360,000




在籍校のスタディーアブロードオフィスから推薦された学生。募集人数:  最大20名。







Tanabata Summer Festival

Tanabata Summer Festival


Participant Reflection:

“I think J. F. Oberlin is a great school. Everyone is really positive and nice, and I feel like there are a lot of opportunities to meet new people here. The staff at school is really helpful and especially the folks in the Office of International Programs think more about us than in most ryugakusei programs I’ve heard about in Japan. They organize trips, matsuri and more. They just generally help us with everything we need.”

“The dorms are awesome and fun once you meet people. Meimeikan is the place to be to find and talk to new people at school. I would recommend joining a club to make friends, too. I joined the Judo Club because it is a lot of fun and a way to practice my Japanese. Other friends joined the Tea Ceremony Club, the Hip-Hop Dance Club, the Photography Club . . . . there are so many clubs to choose to hang out with the local students.”