University of Austin, Austin, Tx

University of Austin, Austin, Tx



Step 1:

  1. Write a short essay (maximum 500 words) in English about yourself, explaining your reasons for wanting to study abroad, and outlining what you hope to achieve by participating in the study-abroad program.  Write your name in the upper right hand corner of your essay.  

  2. Obtain an official school transcript in English.

  3. Obtain a copy of your or your parents’ most recent tax report in either Japanese or English.

  4. Obtain recommendations from two professors using the recommendation form provided.  

Once you have the above four items, scan them as one document, and email them to

Step 2:

Please fill out form below. Please note that the form must be filled out in one session, closing your browser window will result in losing your entries.

If you prefer down load the application form as a PDF, fill out and email with your documents to:

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Permanent Mailing Address
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Name and year in school ( i.e. Freshman, or 1st year)
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Expected Graduation Date
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What period of time do you expect to study abroad? *
Include: Tuition, Housing, Food and Miscellaneous. Your estimated total in US dollars =
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Enter Date Signed

Once the applications have been received, the Selection Committee will narrow down the
selections and interview the finalists via Skype.

Spring Programs: November 1 (Awards announced by December 15)
Summer Program: April 1 (Awards announced by May 15)
Fall Programs: June 1 (Awards announced by July 1)