The J. F. Oberlin Summer Intensive Japanese Program is a five-week content-based language program at J. F. Oberlin University in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. Novice High to Intermediate level classes meet three hours every morning, five days a week. Additional tutoring is also available in the Japanese Language Resource Center in the afternoons when students are not busy with cultural activities such as taiko drumming, classical music, cooking, calligraphy, and tea ceremony taught in Japanese. So students can get the most of their total experience, faculty also provide lectures in English on Japanese history, social issues, and cross-cultural communication. Excursions into downtown Tokyo and to the historic city of Kamakura as well as a weekend home stay are included. For more information, please refer to: the Summer Intensive Flyer.

Program Location:

J. F. Oberlin University main campus in Machida, a suburb of Tokyo.

Program Dates for 2016:

Depart US: May 23 Arrive Japan: May 24  

Depart Japan: June 29  Arrive US: June 29

Housing and Meals:

Students will be housed in either one of the residence halls or the conference center. A free shuttle bus provides transportation to the main campus. Students will have a host family one weekend during their stay. Students are responsible for their own meals. Pointers on how to eat less expensively in Japan will be covered during orientation. Students should be able to manage on about ¥75,000 for meals, incidentals, and fun for the five weeks.


  • Program fee: ¥253,000 for affiliates; ¥275,000 for non-affiliates.
  • Housing fee for single room: ¥55,000.
  • Housing fee for double room: ¥40,500.
  • Airport pick-up/return, housing, tuition, 2 excursions, guest speakers, weekend host family included.
  • Meals, international airfare, insurance, incidentals not included.
  • Invoices in dollars will be sent from California in April.

Who can apply:

Students from J. F. Oberlin University’s affiliates are given priority, but others are also invited to apply. Students are expected to have completed at least one year of university Japanese at their home institution. Maximum number: 20.

Application Deadline:

February 15, 2016 for non-US citizens; March 15 for US citizens.

How to Apply:

The application will be available by January 15 at on-line application.

By email attachment, please send the photo page of your passport to Fumitake Nakamura.

Also please ask your Japanese teacher to send a recommendation to Fumitake Nakamura.

If you have questions, please send an email to Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America in California or Fumitake Nakamura at J. F. Oberlin University in Japan.



桜美林大学 日本語夏期集中プログラムはコンテントを中心とした1ヶ月の集中語学プログラムです。東京郊外にある桜美林大学にて開講されます。授業は週5日、午前中に3時間行われ、初級(上)と中級のクラスに分かれています。英語で行われる日本史、社会問題、異文化間コミュニケーションの講義も計画されています。又、週に2回の午後、太鼓、古典音楽、料理、書道、茶道といった日本文化体験の機会が提供されます。東京や、歴史的な地として知られる鎌倉へのフィールドドリップも予定されております。さらに詳しい情報は Summer Intensive Flyerをご覧ください。








宿舎は桜美林大学多摩アカデミーヒルズをご提供します。 1人部屋または 2人部屋での利用が可能です。メインキャンパスへの通学には、無料のスクールバスが利用できます。多摩アカデミーヒルズには、ジム、ラケットボールコート、卓球台、トレイニングルーム、野外フィールドがあり、無料で利用できます。また、滞在中の週末にはホストファミリーと一緒に過ごす機会も提供されます。食事は自己負担となります。日本での食費を軽くする為のポイントはオリエンテーションにて紹介しますが、プログラム中の食費は、おおよそ60,000円位が目安となります。


  • プログラム費 1人部屋利用 :¥285,000

  • プログラム費 ルームシェア :¥270,000

  • 空港送迎、授業料、寮費、フィールドトリップ、講演会費、週末のホームステイ費が含まれます。

  • 食費、航空費、保険、その他の雑費は含まれません。







パスポートにある写真のページを添付の上、メールにて Fumitake Nakamura まで送付ください。

また日本語の先生に推薦状を同メールアドレスFumitake Nakamuraまで送信いただく様ご依頼ください。 

ご質問は、メールにてObirin Gakuen Foundation of America または Fumitake Nakamuraまでお問い合わせください。