Our Board:

Our Board is committed to expanding opportunities for exchange throughout the Pacific Rim, starting with North America and Japan and then expanding our activities to contribute to greater peace and mutual understanding throughout the region.



Board Bios:


Toyoshi Satow:

Toyoshi-sensei is the OGFA Board Chair, Chancellor of J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Shools in Tokyo, the president-elect of the International Association of University Presidents, and Chair of the Association of Christian Schools in Japan. He also serves as the honorary Japanese consul-general of Mongolia. Born in China and educated in Japan and the U.S., his lifelong goal has been to nurture global citizens who will create a more harmonious world.

OGFA 理事長。桜美林学園(東京)理事長 ・総長。世界大学学長会議次期会長。キリスト教学校教育同盟(日本)理事。又、モンゴル国名誉日本領事を務める。中国で生まれ日本と米国で教育を受ける。彼の生涯の目標は、調和のとれた世界を作りだす地球市民を育成する事にある。

Careen Shannon:

Careen is the Board Vice-Chair and a member of the Executive, Audit, Governance and Scholarship Committees. She is a Partner in the international law firm, Fragomen Worldwide, which is the world’s largest provider of global immigration services. Born and educated in the U.S., she has a longstanding commitment to international educational and cultural exchange, having spent a high school year in Denmark as an AFS exchange student, and a college semester abroad in France. In the 1980s, she was the first Oberlin Shansi Fellow at J. F. Oberlin University in Japan.

キャリーン シャノン:
OGFA理事副議長、常務、監査、ガバナンス、スカラーシップ委員。移民管理サービスの提供者としては世界最大の国際法律事務所(Fragomen Worldwide)のパートナーである。米国に生まれ教育を受け、高校時にAFS交換留学生としてデンマークに留学、大学時にはフランスに学期留学するなど、長年にわたり国際教育と文化交流に献身している。1980年代には、桜美林大学初のオバリンシャンシフェローとして日本に赴任した。

Hiroaki ‘Henri’ Hatayama:

Henri is the OGFA Board Chief Financial Officer and Executive Committee Member. He is Vice President for Strategic Planning and international Relations, Executive Director of the International Center, and Professor of Rhetoric at J. F. Oberlin University. Born in Japan and educated in Japan and the U.S., he seeks to provide youth with the same opportunities to become globally conscious that he himself enjoyed.


畑山 浩昭:
OGFA理事会最高財務責任者及び、常務委員会メンバー。桜美林学園(東京) 総長補佐、
桜美林大学 学長特別補佐、国際センター長、及びレトリック学教授。日本で生まれ、日本と米国で教育を受ける。青年達にグローバルな視野を持つ国際人になるための機会の提供を続けている。

Kelly Franklin:

Kelly is the OGFA Board Secretary, member of the Executive Committee, and co-Chair of the Program Committee. After working in Japan for five years, he returned to the States to teach ESL and before retirement was the director of three different English Language Institutes in the US as well as serving as the head of international programs. Born and educated in the US, he is committed to international education, especially for mobility between Japan and the U.S.

ケリー フランクリン:
OGFA秘書、常務委員会メンバー、プログラム委員会の共同議長。 5年間にわたる日本での就労後、ESLのインストラクターとして帰国し、退職するまでには、米国内3つの異なるイングリッシュ ランゲージ インスティテュートのディレクターを務めると同時に、インターナショナルプログラムの責任者としても尽力する。米国に生まれ教育を受け、国際教育、特には日本と米国間の流動性のために貢献している。

Yoshiro Tanaka:

Yoshi is an OGFA Board Member-at-Large and co-Chair of the Program Committee. He is an Executive Assistant to the Chancellor at J.F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools in Tokyo, Professor of  Higher Education, and Executive Director of the Comprehensive Research Institutes at J. F. Oberlin University. Born in Japan and educated in the U.S. and Japan, Yoshi has initiated many international programs and projects and is currently involved in the Academic Impact Project for the United Nations.




James Williams:

Jim is the co-Chair of the Program Committee. He is a professor of international education at George Washington University, who has worked closely with developing countries to improve educational services to citizens. Born and educated in the US, he is especially committed to the Pacific Rim, especially Japan. In the 1980s he was one of three pillars who created the Intensive English Program at J. F. Oberlin.

ジェームス ウィリアムズ:
プログラム委員会共同議長。 ジョージ ワシントン大学、国際教育准教授。発展途上国における教育サービス向上のために尽力してきた。米国に生まれ教育を受け、環太平洋地域(特に日本)に献身する。1980年代には、桜美林大学における集中英語プログラムを作成した3本柱の1人。

Executive Staff:

Based in California and Seattle, our staff creates and executes creative opportunities for cross-cultural learning and social exchanges.



Mari Maruyama:

Mari is OGFA’s executive director located near Seattle, Washington. Born and educated in the US, she was an international exchange student in Japan, experienced living with host families in Europe and Asia as well as served as a host family to high school exchange students. She has been committed to pre-collegiate and adult exchange between the Pacific Rim, especially Japan, and the U.S. for most of her adult life. She has volunteered as program chair of the Seattle Kobe sister city jazz exchange program for nearly fifteen years.

マリ 丸山:

ワシントン州、シアトル近郊にて勤務するOGFA専務取締役。米国に生まれ教育を受ける。 交換留学生としてヨーロッパ、アジアのホストファミリーとの生活を経験し、また自らホストファミリーとして高校生受け入れの経験を持つ。長年の間、環太平洋地域、特に日本と米国間の高校までの学生、そして社会人の交換、交流のために従事してきた。また約15年に渡り、シアトル神戸姉妹都市ジャズ交換プログラムのボランティア・プログラム委員長としても奉仕している。



Eri Nakamura:

Eri is in charge of student and alumni services out of Los Angeles. Born in Japan and educated in Japan and the U.S., she has enjoyed living, traveling and working in both countries. She seeks to provide opportunities for students to explore learning and experiencing global cooperation and intercultural friendships to make lifetime memories.

在学生及び、同窓生サービス、ロサンゼルスでのオペレーション担当。 日本で生まれ、日本と米国で教育を受ける。 学生達が国際的な相互理解と協力を学び、異文化間の友情を育み、一生涯の経験を生み出せる様、機会の提供を追及する。